Sunday, October 7, 2012

Differential Repair Services Denver

The differential in your vehicle is what takes the power created by your engine to your drive axle to rotate the wheels, and allows the wheels to turn at different speeds in corners. Damage to your differential can make your vehicle harder to control in an emergency and therefore is a major safety concern.  

We offer professional differential repair services in Denver including scheduled replacement of fluids, and inspecting all gears and repairing or replacing those that are damaged.   It is recommended that you have your differential fluid replaced every 25,000 to 30,000 miles because over time it breaks down and does not provide the lubrication needed to keep all of those gears moving smoothly at the extreme temperatures that this equipment deals with. 

The experienced technicians at  A Affordable Transmission Centers are ready to diagnose and repair any trouble you may be having with your differential. Signs to watch out for include clunking during acceleration or shifting, high pitched moaning our howling noise from the axles, and unusual noises, drag or vibrations.  Any of these signs mean that you should make an appointment with us by phone or online to get your transmission and differential diagnosed and repaired.