Sunday, October 21, 2012

Transfer Case Repair Denver

In four wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles, the transfer case takes the power from the transmission itself and distributes it to the front and rear axles. It also synchronizes the movement of the front and back wheels when you are on the road to to keep your axles rotating appropriately for the situation and to make up for differences in the size of tires. Obviously this is a part of your car that it is important to keep in good working order, and if you need transfer case repair in Denver, you want to find a shop that you can count on to carefully fix this complicated mechanism.   

Most modern transfer cases use gears, but there are many that still operate with chain arrangements, and in either case, our transmission experts have the skill, knowledge and equipment to repair it perfectly. A Affordable Transmission Centers have been helping Colorado drivers keep their vehicles in gear and shifting correctly since 1979, proving time and again to our customers that we offer dependable, trustworthy service and workmanship.   You can use the contact form on our website, or call us today to make you appointment if you are having transfer case trouble.