Monday, January 21, 2013

Replace CV Axles Thornton

One of the parts of the modern vehicle transmission that is often prone to wearing down is the CV axle, which allows your drive system to perform smoothly by transferring power at a variable angle without an increase in stress or friction.  Some signs that you should bring your vehicle in to A-Affordable to replace the CV axles in Thornton are clicking or popping sounds when turning,  vibration or resistance in the steering wheel when you try to turn,  screeching, clunking  or grinding noises, or visible damage or cracks in the CV boots. 

 Any of these signs mean that you should contact A-Affordable Transmission Centers to have one of our experienced technicians take a look to see if it is time to replace your CV axles or if there is some other problem.   We are always ready to perform a free transmission inspection if you suspect that there may be a problem with no obligation or cost to you.  It is very important to have your CV axles checked when you suspect a problem, as it can cause even more serious damage if it is not repaired promptly.  Make your appointment for an inspection and estimate by using our website or calling us today.