Friday, January 25, 2013

Torque Converter Service Denver

Spotting trouble with your torque converter makes it far easier and less expensive to fix the problem, so it is always important to watch out for signs of a developing problem and bring it to a skilled professional as soon as you see symptoms.  The things that you need to look out for that mean you should come in to A-Affordable for torque converter service in Denver include surging, lagging or lacking in power when you engage the engine, slippage of the clutch during acceleration, and hesitation when you are trying to shift.   

The torque converter in an automatic transmission fills much the same purpose as the clutch in a manual transmission, allowing the engine to spin somewhat independently of the transmission, and much like the clutch, over time the stress of managing power distribution between the engine and axles can cause significant wear. For utterly reliable, professional service for your torque converter or any other part of your transmission, A-Affordable Transmission Centers are the solution.  We offer full service specialty transmission repair and maintenance to keep your car shifting and running smoothly and efficiently. We offer a free inspection and estimate, so make your appointment with our experts on our website or by phone today.