Monday, April 15, 2013

Automatic Transmission Flush Englewood

As you go about your daily driving, debris builds up in your transmission fluid. Over time, this can cause your transmission to start slipping, grinding, and surging.  We can perform an automatic transmission flush in Englewood to get your vehicle running as it should.   Your car or truck's owner's manual has recommendations for how often to have a flush performed, but if you are noticing any signs of transmission problems in between those recommendations, you should still make an appointment to have the pros at A-Affordable Transmission Centers inspect your vehicle to see if it needs to have a transmission flush or if there is a more serious problem developing.

Postponing essential services such as a flush can cause wear and damage to your transmission, which reduces it's overall life span and can create major troubles that can be difficult and expensive to repair. Your automatic transmission is dependent on clean, debris free fluid to function at its best, and regular flushes are the best way to make sure that it has exactly what it needs to work without problems. Call or visit our website to make an appointment for an automatic transmission flush at any of A-Affordable Transmission Centers' four locations throughout the area.