Saturday, May 11, 2013

4x4 Torque Convertor Service

A four wheel drive vehicle offers excellent power, but requires a lot of work from the transmission, and if it is an automatic, the torque converter. In time, this cause serious wear and potential damage, and it takes special knowledge and quality equipment to provide the standard of 4x4 torque converter service that you need to keep your vehicle in top shape.  A-Affordable Transmission Centers work with all sorts of transmissions, cars, trucks, RVs, SUVs and even heavy duty trucks up to 60,000 pounds. We are committed to providing the highest standard or maintenance, diagnoses and repair for all makes and models of vehicle transmissions at a fair pice.

A-Affordable has been a leader in transmission repair and service for over 30 years, helping people keep their vehicles shifting as smoothly as possible, and avoiding serious problems and expensive repairs by offering the maintenance service that it takes to prevent those problems. All of our transmission repairs are performed in house, from flushing to complete rebuilds, and our certified technicians will provide the attention to detail and careful workmanship that you are looking for to keep your 4x4 at its best. Call or use our website to schedule a visit at any of our four locations.