Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Denver Clutch Service

Your manual transmission gives you a lot of power and control on the road, but eventually your clutch starts to develop problems, and you will want to find a Denver clutch service specialist to handle the issue before it gets more serious.  The most common clutch problem is simple wear of the friction material of the disc which is caused any time that your clutch disc and flywheel are not spinning together in sync, such as when you slip or grind  the clutch while driving.  Once most of that friction material has worn down, the clutch starts to slip and will eventually stop transmitting power to the wheels from the engine.

If you are having problems with your clutch slipping, or sticking, or showing any other signs of trouble, you should make an appointment at A-Affordable Transmission Centers to have one of our certified transmission experts diagnose and repair the issue. We have four locations throughout the Denver area to make it convenient for you to bring your vehicle in even if it is having problems, and can even tow your car or truck to one of our locations of you need major repair. Call or visit us online to make your appointment.