Sunday, June 14, 2015

Transmission Repair Sheridan

Transmission repair in Sheridan is brought to you by the veteran staff of A Affordable Transmission Centers. Our skilled and experienced staff understands that the transmission is the most crucial element of your vehicle and driving with a faulty or malfunctioning transmission can be dangerous as well as expensive to fix the longer you wait to seek repairs. Some fool-proof warning signs that you may be in need of transmission repair in Sheridan might include: slippage between gears, shaking or vibration while driving at accelerated speeds, rough shifting, irregular shifting, heavy stains beneath the clutch of your vehicle, unusual sounds, as well as your “check engine” light appearing at unusual times.

Our ASE certified auto mechanics that work at our repair center in Sheridan will always greet and inspect each vehicle free of charge. We also provide our customers with a written estimate that explains the repairs needed and provides the cost before any actual work has been performed. Don’t hesitate to visit our website and leave a personalized message for a member of our experienced staff via A Affordable Transmission Centers or stop into our full service repair center for your transmission repair in Sheridan as we are open Monday through Friday.

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